Jack Morris is a 15-year-old freelance photographer based in the Gold Coast of Australia. Jack specialises his photography work in landscapes, seascapes, surf, and the ocean. In 2013 Jack picked up my first DSLR camera, not knowing what to do, or how to use it. He started off capturing sunrises and the ocean before heading out into the surf. From this, he progressed into investing in new gear to help further his career and meeting photographers like himself to gather new ideas and techniques.

Since 2013, Jack has been travelling all over the Gold Coast, but also through Australia. and beyond. Due to his love to travel and capture new places, his portfolio of images has grew enormously. Jack has been capturing ocean and surf photography for magazines, and surfers themselves. This interactivity with new people is how his social media following has increased enormously over the last couple of months.


The Gold Coast, where Jack lives, is famous for its amazing beaches and awesome surf. This is exactly what Jack lives and breathes. Jack was born on the Gold Coast and has lived there ever since. Being such a photogenic place to live, Jack’s portfolio has become quite a collection. From the beaches, to the mountains and the waterfalls, and everything else in between. It just couldn’t be much better for him. On the Gold Coast, you can be at the beach in the morning, and 30 minutes later, you can be in the pristine waterfalls of Springbrook.

Due to Jack’s enormous portfolio of photographs on the Gold Coast, he has managed to get some of his photos featured is websites such as . This was an enormous accomplishment considering the amount of photos that have been taken over the years by hundreds of photographers that are based on the Gold Coast.